Ajaya & Shai Naturals Philosophy 

Look, Feel, and Smell like Royalty....Naturally!

Ajaya and Shai Naturals Boutique is women owned bath and body boutique established in 2014. We specialize, produce and retail all natural/organic skincare products by the Shai Naturals brand. We also retail skincare, hair, detoxing, and accessories from local Colorado small businesses. Our goal is to provide opportunity for small local businesses to showcase their products for retail. All of of materials are locally sourced here in Colorado. Our products are made with real all natural ingredients you can pronounce! Which means real results! 

 We take pride in providing our customers with quality luxurious ingredients in our products.  Our online store has various skincare, hair care ,body detoxing, and aromatherapy/relaxation products that fit any budget. Please feel free to view and purchase at our online store today.